Rogue One Trailer #2 Reaction Video

Of course I couldn’t miss out on another chance to record my reaction to the new Star wars Rogue One trailer. This time I brought a friend along. My last Reaction Video was featured on the Star Wars show you can see here!

Star Wars Rogue One: A Reaction Video

So I set up my Ipad again to catch my reaction as I was watching the new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer. I hope you enjoy it. I can’t wait for the film, December can’t get here fast enough! And here is our Reaction Trailer from The Force Awakens from last year!

#HashTag A Game Show Sneak Peek

This year at Mobicon we tested out a game show Podcast we’ve been working on for a few months now and we want to share it with you. #Hashtag is a Pop Culture Game Quiz Show where we have Celebrity Champions battle for two audience members to win a mystery prize worth one dollar. They…