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Scotty White

Scotty White is the founder of the Mopcast Network and the Native American Spirit Guide, podcast host, producer, filmmaker, actor, and writer. Scotty has always had a way with words. This talent for communication and a penchant for what he calls “collecting people,” as well as an interest in pop culture and all things nerdy, is the foundation of a powerful and diverse network of podcasts that focus on celebrating fandom.
Scotty left his hometown of Bay Minette, Alabama, to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Communications at West Virginia State University. As a student at WVSU, he met some amazing people with unique talents. Out of these new and some existing friendships, and Scotty’s desire to build something new and original, the Mopcast Network was born.
Scotty has produced over 200 hours of podcasts and has won awards for his creativity in many areas of media. His film “Paid in Full” has been accepted into multiple film festivals and won the Colony Film Festival for Best Student Film, and was a finalist for the National Broadcast Societies Best Video Drama. His film “Woo: A Zombie Love Story” won Best Screenplay at the Mobile Bay Film Scramble, and won a Moddy Award for Best Scramble Film. He also won the West Virginia Writer’s Inc. award for Best Graphic Novel for “Sidekick: A Tragedy.”
Currently, Scotty hosts the Weekly Mopcast, Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Mopcast, and Bros Booze and Movies. When he’s not Mopcasting, Scotty can be found obsessing about Pearl Jam, playing board games, strumming on his ukulele, or enjoying a nice adult beverage – sometimes all at the same time.

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The Mopcast Network
The Mopcast Network is a Podcast Network based out of West Virginia who sole purpose is to Celebrate Fandom! Do you like Star Wars, Star Trek, the NFL, Wrestling, Videogames, Music, Food, Old Movies, Horror Films, Science Fiction, Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, seriously the list goes on and on. You belong here! Hang out with us! We are a community of people who love to talk about the things we are a fan of and even create original content.

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