Star Wars Destiny Mississippi Regional Tournament Report 12-2-2017


Star Wars Destiny Mississippi Regional Tournament Report 12-2-2017
Where: Mcnarbs Gaming-Gautier, Ms
By Scotty O. White

It was an unusually warm and sunny day for the first of December in along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I had arrived early to Macnarb’s Gaming in Gautier (Pronounced Go-shay),Ms. This is the second time I have come for a destiny tournament but this one was special, this was my first regional tournament and I was happy to play other people and see other decks. I would only have one of those two things happen.

After my devastating loss at GnG last tournament (which you can read HERE)  I retired my ‘Buffy the Jedi Slayer’ deck and as I eluded in the last report to something more sinister. I went to a Mono Blue single Palpatine build. The Emperor has had some showings in recent tournaments around the country and it was the first deck I played when I got into the game so I thought it would be best to try him in the tournament. My build will be at the bottom of this report as always.

We had seventeen players come from across the Gulf Coast to battle for some sweet play mats, awesome Grand Admiral Thrawn Alt-art acrylic cards, and acrylic damage tokens. We were told the format, we would play five rounds, then cut to a Top 8. I grabbed the leader of the Empire and waited for my first match. 

Palpatine found himself alone as the Sith Lord needs no friends and against the greatest pilot of the Resistance e/Poe Dameron who apparently is more than a pilot and his pal e/Rey who is finding the ways. A slug fest began, Palpatine was rolling great dice and sending splash damage keeping Rey’s ability to send damage back at a minimum and while wearing tattered and battle damaged robes Palpatine emerged victorious. 1-0.

Round two here I was playing against e/Sabine Wren and her little boyfriend e/Ezra Bridger. I had did some prep for this deck in my own deck. While Palpy has his own 3 Range damage side, Sabine’s is awfully scary and she showed her full might unloading quick ambush weapons and throwing out massive amounts of damage. Between using two ‘Indomitable’, a well placed ‘Dodge’ and ‘Rise Again’ the Emperor was standing weary holding on to his last Ancient lightsaber, but Sabine was defeated. Leaving Ezra and Palpatine both with one health left and the boy with the battleground. I discarded my hand and drew another five desperate for a rise again since I had the resources but to no avail. Ezra rolled first and range damage landed 1 r and a +2 modifier. Palpatine threw away his lightsaber and regained two health but it was too little to late, the Padawan defeated the Emperor. Thanks Space Aladdin. 1-1.

Nursing my wounds, I found myself in a familiar setting the return of R2-P2. This time however the cards weren’t with me and soon Rey was able to turn her Shoto Lightsaber into a machine gun and the Emperor was unable to handle it and he fell even after building for a Rise Again. Rey was just too strong. Perhaps it was all that raw power that Luke is afraid of. 1-2.

Round four I started to think I was in Groundhog Day as again I faced e/Sabine and e/Ezra. This time my dice removal cards were just popping into my hand one after another. Soon as Sabine would roll damage I would have Dodge, or Isolation. Sabine hit the Emperor with 9 damage who took it and the very next turn Rise Again removed five and placed Force Lighting from my discard pile. Another few rolls and the two were defeated. The Emperor left the Rebels in a pile of smoke. 2-2.

The last round and once again I had to face another e/Sabine and e/Ezra. This time the dice were on my side. I had two beautiful rolls of 3 range damage sending a total of 20 damage across the board and so early in the game it was hard for Sabine and Ezra to get a footing and the game was over. 3-2

I had a great time, playing 2 decks, all were different games. As it goes in my life I came out 9th, sadly standing in the cold looking through the window of the cool kids who made it top 8. Alas, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

I may missed out on a cool Rey playmat and a chance to get a Thrawn. but I got a cool alt art Patience card and nifty damage counters. I did however got to meet some great people, played against some awesome players and had a blast. Mcnarbs is a classy place that threw a great tournament and I look forward to their next event! Now I have to focus on Birmingham, Alabama!

The question is do I build something new or tweak what I have? Decisions..decisions.

Below is my deck. Until next time and as always suggestions welcome!

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