Star Wars Destiny Draft Tournament Report December 16, 2017

Star Wars Destiny Draft Tournament Report December 16, 2017

Gamers N Geeks-Mobile Al
By Scotty O. White


Fresh from the Last Jedi, I was lucky to enough to participate in the new Star Wars Destiny draft featuring an awesome draft pack. Here we were at hour home store Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. There were six of us, all old school regulars who had been playing Star wars Card games on and off for the last twenty years or so. I’ve talked about this before and trust me it won’t be the last time but one of the things I love about Star Wars and gaming it brings friends together. It’s amazing to have a great friend group for so long to play games with. Through life death, children, break ups, it comes back down to playing cards and that makes me happy.

Enough with the wispy, ramblings of an old gamer you want to read about what happened so here it goes. So we got to chose what six packs we wanted with our Draft pack. I chose three Awakenings and three Empire At War. Which maybe the real sholars out there might want to remind me why I should taken some Spirits of Rebellion, I mean yeah Force Speed is great but the chances of grabbing it, especially with my terrible luck in these matters. (see my amazing showing at the Alabama Regional HERE for more info on my fantastic luck.)

So the moment was we opened our three packs. I went with my Awakenings and pulled a Nightsister (which I took), A First Order Stormtrooper, and a Outpost. We passed around and I really focused on Yellow and Blue, I knew I was going to have Ketsu, and Anakin together and so I drafted around the idea. I did okay grabbing Electroshock, Running Interference, and Infamous which would be helpful.  

For my Empire at War I manage to pull a General Hux, a Vibro Axe and a Chance Cube. I opted for the axe and gave Hux away. I ended up with a Force Heal which I was thankful for. I also ended up with a Rookie Pilot for some reason but sadly he just stayed in my side board never to see the light of battle.

Keeping my Blue and Yellow Focus my team was Ketsu, Anakin and the Night Sister. So Anakin went to battle with two ladies on his arm,one a total bad ass the other let’s say a little off her rocker. I mixed my yellow and blue cars together settled on Atalon as my battle ground and went to work.  The crafted lightsaber turned out to be a great addition.  Great dice sides for a cost of two, so what you have to play it on a exhausted character.  It was a great round two or three play. 

Round One- Anakin Leia, and a Nightsister. My Nightsister found another of her order who brought her own Anakin clone and apparently it was take your daughter to work day as Leia showed up as well. I did manage to pull off a well placed ‘Prized Possession’ which locked up Anakin for a moment. The game was a slug fest, with each other throwing damage to each other, force heal keeping me standing, on the other side my lack of finishing damage left me with a Night Sister standing against an Anakin and with time called I had barely pulled enough damage to send Anakin limping home and keeping me victorious. 1-0

Round Two- Kanan Anakin Lobot. Feeling good and not making in adjustments to my deck, but let’s be honest there’s not much in my storage, just a bunch of red cards and a poor Rookie Pilot who looks at me sadly. ‘Why won’t you play me?” Sticking with the team I saw the familiar Anakin but this time Kanan and Lobot. Kanan works extremely well in this format, having him able to use his character dice before any action was tremendous and would lead to my eventual downfall. It wasn’t long before my Nightsister fell, followed by Ketsu and finally Anakin. I did manage to rid myself of Lobot before his special could do much damage but in the end it was too little to late and left me defeated. 1-1

Round Three- I played again a Rikin Anakin Lobot mill deck. Built by my friend Richard who just picked up the game a couple of weeks prior and this was his official tournament. He had no problems figuring things out as Rikin was milling my deck and my dice weren’t cooperating by the time i had him killed he had milled me for at least eight cards and in this format that is devastating. I could never catch up and was easily slaughtered. 1-2

Round Four – Hux, Lobot, First Order Stormtrooper. I was pleasantly surprised to not see an Anakin for once today. He is a great card but it was good to see some variety. This all red deck focused on trying to do more Range damage attacks, with a couple of probes dropped in to steal cards out of my hand. The dice however wasn’t on my opponent’s side and I quickly dispatched of Lobot, and the Stormtrooper, leaving poor Hux for last as is dice isn’t nearly as trouble some. Soon victory was mine 2-2 

Found Five- Tusken Raider, Lobot, Ketsu Onyo. The Last match added a Tusken Raider to the mix. This was another slug fest with Force Heal keeping my people healthy while the Night Sister was helping my rerolls. Plus having the VibroAxe helped cut through pesky shields which ended my opponents Ketsu pretty quickly. I then focused on the Tusken and lastly eliminated the Lobot. I also got to use Prize Possession which helped keep Lobot at bay and gave me the victory. 3-2.

I came in second in the tournament won some very cool acrylic shield tokens. Now I have some of each which I think is pretty nifty. The most surprising part of the event my friend Richard who has recently started playing won the tournament with his awesome mill deck. Way to go Richard! Thanks to JD for running a great tournament and of course thanks to Gamers and Geeks for hosting.

Now we have a little time off for the holidays and may be some fun games while we focus on taking on the next regional in Panama, City January 6th. Hope to see you there!