Star Wars Destiny Alabama Regional Report 12-9-17

Star Wars Destiny Alabama Regional Report 12-9-17
By Scotty O. White
Where: Card Addicts Birmingham, Alabama

We were less than a day from one of a rare snow in Alabama and I was feeling good super confident. Let me tell you why. Two nights earlier our local play group were play testing our decks against some of the more popular deck. You know just seeing if we can find weaknesses in them or how we can play our decks better. I was still rocking my Palpatine Deck that I went 3-2 in the Mississippi regional (You can read about that HERE). After play testing I really liked the Qui Gon/Kanan deck. The shield generation, melee damage and then using Qui Gon to machine gun damage is super useful and I decided to use it for my time in Birmingham.

Card Addicts was a very cool open store with a lot of tables, lots of space and awesome cards on the sale on the side of the wall. This place is designed to play and hold tournaments. The staff was friendly and helpful, if you are in the area go visit them, it’s worth the trip.

The Star Wars Destiny tournament had drew forty-six people from as far as Illinois, North Carolina, and Orlando, Florida. I met Caleb Pennock who cosplayed as Kanan Jarrus who even had custom cards that featured him in the featured role. With me playing the deck I happily switched out the cards. I ran into my buddy Eric from Destin,Fl and my friend Steven who I hadn’t seen in almost ten years. Star Wars gaming bringing people together.

So Round One, feeling good. Met a cool dude name Vu who was local to Card Addicts, and rocking an awesome FN-2199 and Seventh Sister Deck. It was weapon after weapon rolling in and my poor two Jedi unable to roll any damage that lead to their demise. FN-2199 isn’t really seen in our local meta and it was cool to see him in action. I have a Seventh Sister deck and I know how deadly she can especially if she gets her Seeker Droids on her. With no damage I didn’t stand a chance. 0-1

Round Two I faced BalaTik, a Night Sister and Ciena Ree. Again the my deck started out good getting the upgrades I needed but unfortunately the dice just wouldn’t roll damage. The little damage I manage to throw out went to BalaTik and it took a Willpower to finish him off. It wasn’t good enough as both of my characters were eliminated shortly after. 0-2

Round Three Qui Gon and Kanan went up against the very popular e/Rey e/Poe (R2 P2) and the damage was going back and forth pretty well until the dice decided to roll blanks. There was a time that I would roll a Focus and a Blank on Kanan or double blanks on him and soon it was over Qui Gon gone to be a ghost and Kanan was not to far behind him. 0-3

Round Four Poe was back and this time he brought a mirror match with his own Kanan. It was fun throwing damage to my twin again it wasn’t enough damage. Qui Gon went down pretty quickly but Kanan was holding his own managing to survive. My opponent played Planetary Uprising and kept me on the defensive trying to do what actions I could before they could claim the battlefield. I got excited when I drew a ancient lightsaber and played it on Kanan hoping to give him a chance to heal some damage. Though I forgot about the Wookie Riots on my battlefield and Kanan was defeated by the uprising. 0-4

Round Five found me way down in the rows keeping the last few seats warm during my run. Some people may have dropped by now but the way I look at it, I drove three hours to come play, I’m going to play. As Buzz Lightyear says ‘Never give up, never surrender.” So I then faced a Sabine/Ezra deck that was well put together and just having the luck I was having all day with my dice rolls. Nothing special, just throwing out quick ambush weapons on Sabine and in no time I helped give my opponent they so wanted. 0-5

It was time for my Last Round and let’s see if I can go 0-6. I was up against my first time ever seeing a Mace Windu card. It was Mace and his buddy a Rebel trooper and for once in this entire tournament my dice were hot. Damage after damage being rolled, especially after I hear that if I get too much damage on my characters Mace could just end them. I think that scared my dice awake and in the end I managed to do fourteen melee damage to him and finally win a game! 1-5

So it was a learning experience for me. I should’ve stuck to my gut and ran Palpatine, at least I know that deck and can handle it. I just didn’t have to much practice with Kanan/Qui Gon and the changes I made to the PAX deck proved to be too much. Plus the fact my dice were cold all tournament was the last nail in my coffin. The deck is good in fact at least two of them made top 8.

In the end I learned lessons, saw some great decks, met some awesome people and won a $15 movie gift certificate in a raffle. Card Addicts ran a great tournament and I had a fantastic time. I will be back, hopefully my dice won’t freeze.

Here is the copy of my deck below, comments are welcome as always.