Star Wars Destiny Constructed Tournament Report 11/18

Star Wars Destiny Constructed Tournament
November 18 2017
Gamers N Geeks-Mobile Al
By Scotty O. White

It is getting closer and closer to Regionals in our Area and our friends at Gamers and Geeks in Mobile, Alabama had a box tournament. Unfortunately with the holidays coming up and such we only pulled six people for the event but still enough to play for a box. I had tweaked my ‘Buffy The Jedi Slayer’ deck featuring a Darth Vader Sith Lord and a e/Seventh Sister. If you recall from my Report I came in second. So after a few adjustments I thought I was ready. Oh I was wrong, I was so wrong.

My first round was against a Red/Yellow Villain deck sporting General Hux, Cienna Ree, and a Guavian Enforcer. The deck utilized Hux’s great ability to make Red events cheaper, and generating ton of resources before dropping supports. Lucky for me my cards with my favor with the Sister dropping ID-9 and throwing on damage. The damage was quick and when the spoke cleared the two lightsaber wielding dark siders had defeated the First Order and their Guavian friend. It was on to the next battle.


Second round It was Sister vs Sister to see who was the Buffiest in Jedi Slaying. This Seventh Sister was a single die but she brought her friends a Gamorrean Guard and MagnaGuard. My Seventh Sister was ready with her Sith Lord by her side. Unfortunately the Sister works a whole lot better if she has ID-9 droids working with her and they all decided to hide in terror. The Pig managed to absorbed damage before I could deal it, and soon there were Sith Holocrons everywhere, even the MagnaGuard was learning the force and before I knew it I sat defeated. It was a sweet deck, love to see a Rainbow deck in action that works and this was just beautifully brutal.

The last round, I picked myself up and licked my wounds and head into battle against Director Krennic, and his top Tie Pilot Cienna Ree both elite. The battle started and Vader had some good quick hits into take out Krennic with bad dad puns. ‘Be Careful not to choke on your aspirations’. Too bad I didn’t follow his advice, before i knew it there were rows and rows of support and range damage falling from the heavens and soon my two dark siders were dust and Cienna Ree waved the Imperial Flag on top of an AT-DP.

After coming 2-1 and reaching second place in my last constructed tournament I finished 1-2 with a similar deck and yeah I think I came in fifth out of sixth. Not my best tournament by any means. That said I had a blast. I always love playing new people and seeing new decks out there.

Here is my decklist

 I think that was the end of my run with ‘Buffy The Jedi Slayer’. The Seventh Sister is fun and she might find away into another deck, but now I must go deeper, darker, more sinister for regionals. Perhaps the forbidden tomes inside a Sith Holocron will guide me to victory.

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