Star Wars Destiny Tournament Report: 10/14/2017

Star Wars Destiny Tournament Report: 10/14/2017
by Scotty O. White
Location: maCnarB Gaming, Gautier, Ms.

So on Saturday afternoon I headed into Gautier (pronounced Go-shay) Mississippi to play  Star Wars Destiny at maCnarB Gaming.  The store was fantastic, large to accommodate not only our Destiny tournament but a large Magic the Gathering tournament plus several rpgs and board games.  It was great to see an active and clean shop filled with friendly people who just enjoy gaming.

The tournament had seven players mostly from Mississippi and my lone Alabama self.  There were a range of decks, in fact I don’t think that any player had the same style deck.  I brought my ‘Buffy The Jedi Slayer’ deck that featured Darth Vader-Sith Lord and an elite Seventh Sister.

My first round was against an elite Ahsoka with Maz deck.  It was interesting to see the mix of yellow and blue however the dice rolls were in my favor as I was able to knock out Ahsoka fairly early and it was only a matter of time before Maz fell to the red blades.   It was a solid and fun game, and it was my first time seeing Ahsoka in action.  I really want to play her in my next hero deck.

The next round was against a yellow/red combo of Hera, Finn, and a Rookie pilot.  The deck featured heavily on supports but again my dice were hot and it was only a matter of time until we slew the Rookie pilot with 7 melee in the dice pool, then the next round to mortally wound Finn with nine damage only to have him pick himself off with a well placed Deflect.  It was a good game and an interesting idea for the deck, just a little too slow to get out against my mono blue.

Last round I went against an elite Anakin Skywalker -Sith Apprentice and a elite Captain Phasma -Ruthless Tactician.  I could imagine a scenario with Vader and the Sister on Mustafar and Vader is having some kind of dark side vision where he has to face his past and gets introduced to the future.  It would be one hell of a comic.

Unfortunately the massive damage I had been dealing out in my last two matches didn’t come across this game.   The Seventh Sister was first to fall, but Vader was able to take down his younger self leaving the Sith Lord to take on Phasma with some ancient lightsaber he had picked up.   Phasma was too clever rolling damage and her special over and over and Vader just rolling blanks and disrupts.  Even the ancient lightsaber couldn’t save him and he fell before the shiny goddess.

So in the end I come out 2-1 and second place.  Which is my usual form.  Always the bridesmaid never the bride.   There are a couple of cards I want to tweak in my deck from this version but I really like what it did and in the end it really came down to dice rolls.  The last match was exciting and easily could have gone the other way.

Here is the deck I played as always if you have suggestions feel free to share them!

Again like to thank maCnarB Gaming for running an excellent tournament and having an awesome store.  This was my first time here and I know it will not be my last.  There information can be found HERE!

Until next time, may the Force be with you!