Star Wars Destiny Draft Tournament Report 10/28

Star Wars Destiny Draft Tournament

October 28, 2017

Gamers N Geeks-Mobile Al

By Scotty O. White
It was a chilly October night at Gamers and Geeks in Mobile Alabama where eight Destiny players had gathered to play in their first draft. The rules were simple you could bring up to ten cards: Your characters who had to have a combined total of 25 or less, a battle ground, and seven cards that were exclusively in the Awakenings starter or the two player starter. The rest of your twenty five card deck would be drafted. Your deck had no hero or villain restriction, and you weren’t limited by two. Our matches were best two out of three.

So out of all the grand characters in the three sets we have, I chose Ahsoka Tano, and an Elite Ezra Bridger. Mainly because of my love of Star Wars Rebels, and the fact I’ve not played either character, it gave me to a chance to see them in action so to speak. I also thought blue and yellow would be a good pair. For my other cards I had chosen Luke’s Protection, two Clashes, Rey’s lightsaber, and two regular Lightsabers.

We drafted six packs of Awakenings, allowing us to have thirty cards to play with. Dice were placed in the middle of the table and picked up at the end of the draft. We split the pile in two, three packs for the first part of the draft passing each pack to the left after our selections. The remaining three packs we drafted to the right. There were good cards in the mix. Luke, Jango, One With The Force, Thermal Detonator, none of which never made it my way. My two big cards were a Hold Out Blaster, and a BB8. So you know I was destined for greatness right there from the start. Plus i managed to get three Prized possessions (which is funny because i have never pulled one before) I also go three Heroism mainly because no one else wanted them and they were blue. I had a couple of dice removal cards Electroshock, Isolation, I managed to get two blocks but no dodges. I could tell it might be an uphill battle for me.

My first round was against a new player however he was running two player Kylo and Phasma and giving me a run for my money. I had locked him up a bit by placing prize possession on Kylo’s character die, but Phasma’s vengeance pretty much knocked out my Ahsoka Tano. Thanks to Luke’s protection and other sheild cards and my opponents terrible dice roles I managed to keep Space Aladdin alive enough to defeat the pair. Our second match went a little faster and ended pretty much the same way this time with Ahsoka pulling the finishing blows to Kylo. Ezra wasn’t really given a chance, my opponent had revenge in his eyes and there was no way the Lothal street rat was going to survive. In the end though I won both matches.

The second round I was up against a Jedi Acolyte and a elite Finn. My opponent had stacked his deck with ways to get shields, including Force Protection. It seemed out of both of our rounds anytime I made any headway to his shields it ended with Force protection’s special hitting and I wasn’t able to provide enough damage to do any good. I lost both rounds pretty handily. The closest I got was defeating Finn and in my over zealousness I discarded a Block seeing that the Acolyte only had one chance at having melee damage but a redeployed Lightsaber made me see the error of my ways and Lady Tano met her end.

The last round I found myself in a Star Wars Rebels battle. Sabine and Kanan vs my Ahsoka and e/Ezra. First match went in my favor. I had gotten Prize Possession early and locked up Sabine’s dice. It was just a battle of attrition to to defeat Kanan and then finally Sabine. I was feeling good, Sabine’s dice is vicious especially with her 3 Range damage side. If i could lock that dice up again I could take this deck out again. Unfortunately between, the lack of Prize Possession and my opponent’s never ending Luke’s Protection I couldn’t do enough damage to Sabine to survive. She was a beast and she and Kanan made quick work of my Rebels.

So in the end I came in seventh. I got a pack of cards for my troubles and two Isolation, not too shabby. I also got a Hold out blaster, so I can’t complain. Ahsoka and Ezra weren’t the best choices for this format, with a total of 17 hit points between them they were a little squishy. Next time I might do a Yellow Red or perhaps a Blue Red combo. I’m always up for suggestions. If you have had some success in this format what have you used? If you haven’t played this format it really is fun, I had a great time and I look forward to it again.