My Look At Quest Con 2017

My Look At Quest Con 2017

By Scotty O. White

I attended the very first Quest Con on October 20-22 and held at the Arthur Outlaw Convention Center in Mobile, Alabama. The venue was beautiful with glass walls that overlooked Mobile Bay the venue was large and spacious with a vendors area, a gaming area, panels rooms and tables for celebrities, with fan tables darted in between. Vendors had a hodge podge of crafts, comics, indie novels , action figures , prop weapons and other nerdy fair.

For a first year con they had some really interesting guests including Chad Coleman who was on ‘The Walking Dead’ and currently has a featured role on ‘The Orville’. For me personally I was excited to see three voice actors from one of my favorite shows RWBY. Quest Con had Arryn Zech(Blake) , Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter), and Jen Brown (Pyrrha). I managed to get a reasonably priced autograph with each other them and had a lovely conversation with Jen Brown which made my experience all the better.

Cosplay was great and some what varied. With the ‘RWBY’ guests there were a number of RWBY cosplayers. Some of my other favorites were a father and son who dressed up as Snake Plissken and a United States Security Force officer from ‘Escape From New York’, and an amazing genderbend Ghost Rider. Stephanie and I cosplayed as well with she pulling off a pretty awesome Pennywise, and I cosplayed Rick from Rick and Morty.

Mopcast had a table at this convention which made it tough for us to get to panels. We hosted two panels however that had great turn out. Our first ‘Bros and Movies’ had a fun look at the 1988 version of ‘The Blob’. The best part about it was introducing such a cult movie to new people. Our other panel #Hashtag The Pop Culture Game Show had a great crowd watching Kevin Laporte of Inverse press and Brian Held Jr of This Week in Geek battle each other in trivia. We gave out a ton of prizes at both shows and our audience seemed to have a ball.

Brian Held Jr, and Kevin LaPorte

Fan tables of all kinds were out in full swing, introducing new fans to really cool things. I  wanted to highlight ‘The Week In Geek’ radio show, Complete Nerd Authority, and The Airship Aberrant who is Mobile’s premiere Steampunk Society. It was also good to see our friends from Inverse Press selling comics and drawing up a storm.

One of the highlights of the show was getting to meet novelist Brett Brooks. Brett’s table was beside ours and you know at a good con you get to meet some really cool people and Brett and his wife were super cool table neighbors. Brett had done some work for White Wolf back in the day and it come to find out he worked on one of my favorite books ‘Ananasi’ or the were-spiders. Brett has done some cool things you should definitely check his stuff out HERE

Over all for a first year con I was pleased with what I saw. Quest Con had some interesting guests, a good price point for people to visit, a kick ass gaming area, their staff was fantastic to us. One of the areas they can improve is the spacing. They had too much space to work with which thinned out crowds. Something they were learning as the days went on and by Sunday they had move the celebrities to the Vendors area which was helpful. Look no con is perfect, but Quest Con is on the right path of being a good show. It is a show that Mopcast will look forward to being at year after year.

You can find Quest Con’s Website Here