A Note about the Mopcast Network

A Note about The Mopcast Network
from founder Scotty O. White

So we are approaching the third anniversary of the Mocpast Network and normally I’d be happy planning some celebration like I have done in the last two years. This year however it’s going to be different, there is no parties, no patting ourselves on the back, this year it’s time to reflect.

I started Mopcast Network back in 2014 during my senior year at West Virginia State University. I had been listening to the Nerdist podcast for a year or so and it something I wanted to try. Luckily we at a radio station at school that was not being used mostly due to a licensing issues. So I along with some other talented students took to creating our own shows, developing our own content and we did with some success.

Then I moved back to Alabama, took my network with me and it started to fizzle. I was still putting out content it just wasn’t getting the listens I wanted, and I started to realize that I was doing shows just to do them not because I wanted to do them. I was having more fun performing shows at live venues in front of audiences. I really wanted to that more. I had fun creating radio dramas like ‘Mop vs the Krampus’ and putting that together. I enjoyed the adventures Stephanie and I would take, but when it came to the network I just kept looking for results and just not seeing them, and it depressed me.

Why do the work for people who don’t listen? I mean I can create art all day long but if there is no one there to enjoy it, what’s the point? I used to tell myself that I was a creative soul and I would always want to create, and I guess there is a part of me that still believes that but as I get it older, it’s harder to convince myself.

Then I asked myself why did I get into this? I like podcasts, I like the idea of owning my own content that is presented to a world stage, I like being able to create content that people will enjoy. Then I look at what’s happening. I look at the money I spent, and the numbers of downloads, and just trying to think of a better way to do this.

I’m not sure if there is a better way. However, I know I can do things differently and starting now that’s what’s going to happen. Expect new and revamped shows, live shows, and radio dramas-I so want to just do radio dramas. So for the rest of the year the network might be a little silent but don’t think I’ve gone anywhere. There is a change coming and that’s a good thing. Mopcast will be different in 2018 and it will be amazing!

Thanks for a good 3 years. Let’s now look to the future!