Star Wars Destiny Tournament Report June 24, 2017


Star Wars Destiny  Tournament Report June 24, 2017
by Scotty O. White

This past Saturday I participated in my very first Star Wars Destiny tournament at Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. I brought my Palpatine/Tie Pilot deck that I loving call ‘Flying Mr. Palpy’ and jumped in with the other six players with their variety of decks.

My first match was against a eRey/eLeia deck. Lots of upgrades and reroll mechanics made it a fun challenge. My Tie fighter pilot was annihilated by seven damage right after I put training on him. I could imagine it like in the movies, the young pilot fresh out of academy on his first high profile mission escorting the Emperor only to end up cannon fodder. Poor guy. In the end Palpatine’s ability and the masses amount of range damage I was getting with the EWeb ended up winning the day for me.

My second match was against a new player with an eRey/eFinn deck. I was able to win the Battleground at the start and with training in my first hand it wasn’t very long until I had an e/Palpatine causing havok. With favorable rolls my dice were doing massive damage and it was a quick victory.

The last match was against a Jango Fett and 2 First Order Trooper. An amazing collection of Yellow and Red upgrades and dice manipulation that punished me for my previous victories. Jango with his ability to activate after a character was brutal making me quickly change plans but it wasn’t enough. Training didn’t appear in time and soon as Prized Possession showed up locking away Palpy’s single die it was all she wrote. It would of been quicker if I didn’t have the support EWeb and First Order TIE fighter but in the end Jango and his Trooper was victorious and I sat in third place!

I had a blast for my first tournament. It is amazing how mechanics seem to work “on paper” but once they are in the field it goes haywire. I got some ideas to tweek my Palpy/Tie Pilot deck, also if you got ideas feel free to send them my way. Here is my deck list below. Until next time!

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