My Look At the Mississippi Comic Convention 2017

My Look At the Mississippi Comic Convention 2017
by Scotty O. White

This past weekend I attended the Mississippi Comic Con in Jackson Mississippi.  With an interesting and diverse guest list that included three people who worked on the Star Wars films you know I just had to be there.   This was my first time attending this convention and what I saw is a small convention really growing into it’s own.  Still a fun and intimate show with a local feel but pulling in the kind of guests you see and larger shows.  I had a blast.

The Vendors Area features a great group of collectables from all types.  You had comic dealers who had comics from Golden Age to modern.  I managed to get some great deals on some trade paperbacks including ‘Aliens: Newt’s Tale’ one of my favorite stories from Dark Horse.  Nothing something I wasn’t expecting to find so, you know bonus!

On the Vendor’s floor I ran into Kevin and Amanda at the Inverse Press Booth.  If you don’t know Inverse Press they are a  local comic publisher who carved a nice niche for themselves on the indie circuit.  They are currently producing comics based on the lives of Wrestlers including Nikolai Volkoff who was a guest at the convention.  You could buy the comic based and have him sign it all in the same day.  A truly unique experience for Wrestling Fans.

Inverse Press has been doing the MS Comic Con for a few years now and was impressed how the show was growing.   It was one of their favorite shows to do and it’s got me thinking that Mopcast might need to have a table there next year!

I ran into another friend KP of who had an amazing sale on their pop culture t-shirts at the event.  We didn’t get to chat much because he was so incredibly busy, it was good to see Convention-goers having a good time and buying cool merchandise.

Who I really wanted to see was Clive Revill who voiced the Emperor in Empire Strikes Back. He was a lovely fellow who had a nice chat with me about voice acting.  He was also the original Alfred in Batman the Animated Series, so it was cool to get a few minutes with him.   Next I met Mark Dodson a master puppeteer who built and operated puppets for the ‘Gremlins’ films but he was also Salacious Crumb, Jabba’s court jester who was always laughing at his side, well until Artoo zotted him!  Mark was also nice, super friendly and even gave me a little bit of the Salacious famed giggle.   Lastly I met Jerome Blake who played Mas Amedda, and Rune Haako in the Star Wars Prequels.  We talked about the long hours of makeup application and he was amazed how the makeup turned out in the film.

Autographs were reasonably priced which is always a good thing! All three of the Star Wars fellows got a kick out of the Star Wars CCG cards I was having them autographed.   Mark mentioned that there was another guy who he just signed one for, too bad I didn’t get to see him, I’m always happy to talk Star Wars.

Jeremy Bulloch who portrayed Boba Fett was also in attendance and while I didn’t meet him (I got his autograph a few years back) I got to see him with his fans and he was generous and kind with their time.  Even taking photos with little Star Wars fans.   It was cool to see.

Also the show had a ton of great cosplay.   I saw all kinds of characters from across pop culture. Some of my favorites were a fantastic Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans, a group of Spider-Man cosplayers showing off different version of Spidey including the Cosmic version, plus there was a Gwendolyn from Saga!  Which is amazing comic if you haven’t’ read it yet.  My favorite of the show as a a Rey and BB-8 combo that was adorable!

Overall I had great time at the MS Comic Con and it is a convention you shouldn’t miss.  Great Guests, awesome cosplay but not overwhelming like a larger con.  Small town feel inside a growing convention. It is has that good balance of hanging with friends and seeing cool things.  It is definitely a show that I will keep on my radar!  For their info check out the links below!