The Weekly Mopcast Episode 52


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So Stephanie and Scotty saw the new Kevin Smith film ‘Yoga Hosers’ in this episode sponsored by They also talk ‘Raiders: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made’, Pearl Jam, and Stephanie makes really awesome old school dial up noises. All this and more on The Weekly Mopcast.

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Our Tag is Oh Canada from Yoga Hosers

The Yoga Hosers Trailer

Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made Trailer

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So yeah Scotty had to sneak some Pearl Jam in.

To Celebrate Pearl Jam ‘Ten’ 25th anniverary here is what Scotty think the best recording of ‘Deep’ live.

To Celebrate Pearl Jam ‘No Code’ 20th Anniverary here the entire album played live in Moiline, Il in 2014

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