How It Stacks Classic Mopcast Episode 019: Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2



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“Heh. That’s not a knife… this, is a knife!”In this gloriously down-under episode, the How It Stacks crew sneak up on both Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2. They start off with a glorious versus battle royal, in which they pit Dundee against John McClane, then against Snake Plisken. JD shares his worship of Crocodile Dundee and acknowledges how very pimp he was and is still. Bulldog believes that Dundee missed his calling as a wrestler. Professor Willis keeps the fact bombs coming. Bulldog and Professor Willis makes some awesome points during a Terminator and Dundee debate. Finally this show gets crazy as they dive right back into the 80s and make some awesome jokes about the massive stereotypes the 80’s brought us!You don’t want to miss this one… it goes for yonks!!Pace Picante (not Tostitos, oops) – Twitter Bot = Fail

Special thanks to Anamanaguchi and Frank Turner for our music and to The Geek I/O Podcast Network for hosting our show!

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