The Weekly Mop Up July 1


It’s time for The Weekly Mop Up your pop culture roundup. This week there were a ton of great things happening. As always if you want to know what’s going on in the world of Movies, TV, Comics, Sports, Gaming follow us at at the links below! We would love for you to be apart of the Mopcast Community!

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Our Friends t Inverse Press are preparing a new Kickstarter check out the video for Scissors Sisters

Mopcast Network

The Sidekick Gamers Episode 002
SIdekick Gamers are chatting about Overwatch, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and more!

Memory Card Radio Episode 021
The Guys at Memory Card Radio are speculating about E3

Samurai Jack promo
Adam Striker is excited about the new Samurai Jack Cartoon read about it HERE
ShockaCon Is Coming and here is a flash back when I met Zoe at Shockacon 2015

In Pop Culture

Game of Thrones

There was a lot of Game of Thrones Stuff going around with the Season Finale this past week. Dorkly had posted a group of GoT Audition Tapes Including the Hound

You can see the rest of them HERE

The Uncle Henry Show did his own recap of the last episode

This was from a week before but it’s worth sharing Leslie Jones and Seth Meyer watch ‘The Battle of the Bastards’

And of course the Memes were hitting here were some of our favorites
CersiGameofThrones cersigot2 LadyMormont002 LyannaMormont001

Ghostbusters (2016)

Speaking of Leslie Jones Ghostbusters (2016) releaed a couple of videos for covers of the classic Theme Song

Fallout Boy/Missy Elliot

Ghostbusters Theme Japanese

In Other News

Things you may not know about Jem

Star Trek Beyond Trailer 3

Rhianna’s “Sledgehammer’ from Star Trek 3

New Birth of a Nation Trailer