Who Should Direct ‘Godzilla 2’ Now That Gareth Edwards Has Left?


Who Should Direct ‘Godzilla 2’ Now That Gareth Edwards Has Left?

by Adam Striker

Earlier this month, Warner Brothers announced that ‘Godzilla 2’ would be moved from its 2018 release date to March 22, 2019. It was unknown why this decision was made until it was announced that Gareth Edwards would not be directing the sequel to the successful 2014 film. According to Deadline, Edwards had an “amicable” departure with Legendary, and he wants to direct smaller films after he is finished with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With Edwards gone, Legendary needs to find a replacement.

This shift in release dates was likely done to give Legendary time to find the right director. It is unknown who Legendary is considering as a replacement, but this doesn’t mean we can’t make our own wish lists, right? So I have made my own. The list isn’t big, but that is because I searched for individuals whose style and direction would likely be best for the tone that has already been established in Legendary’s Godzilla.

Please note that this is merely a “wish list,” and I am not expecting any of these individuals to be announced for Godzilla 2, though they would be nice people to have.

1. Dan Trachtenberg
Dan Trachtenberg
This is probably one of the more obvious names in this list, because many people who have speculated about who can take the director’s have thrown Dan Trachtenberg’s name in for consideration. Trachtenberg is a relatively new name in Hollywood, but he made his directorial debut in March with the critically and financially successful 10 Cloverfield Lane. Surprisingly, he isn’t in high demand, despite putting showing his talents.

While it is true that he is still green in Hollywood, this did not stop Legendary Pictures from nabbing Gareth Edwards, who only had one feature film under his belt at the time. Trachtenberg is currently slated to direct an episode of the Netflix original series Black Mirror. He is one of the most viable candidates on this list based on his current skills as a director and for being a fresh face.

2. Alfonso Cuarón
Alfonso Cuaron
Probably best known for directing Gravity (2013), Cuarón knows how to direct his talent and his crew in a clean, organized manner. He has previously distributed films under the Warner Brothers brand, including the well-received fantasy film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). The filmmaker even does research about his movies, as seen in the aforementioned Gravity, which required a great deal of knowledge about space exploration.

Just as Gareth Edwards knew how to shoot pretty images, Cuarón would easily know how to portray the magnificence of giant monsters on screen. As an example, Children of Men (2006) displays his visionary talents with effective cinematography techniques. He also knows how to make a good story. He is currently producing a documentary called Throwing Bombs in Baghdad, and has been announced as a producer and writer for a movie called A Boy and His Shoe.

He may be too busy to direct the Godzilla sequel, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

3. Frank Darabont
Frank Darabont
During several rewrites of the script that would eventually form the story for Godzilla (2014), Darabont was hired to rewrite the movie’s first act. He was pretty busy with developing AMC’s The Walking Dead, but ever since he was let go by the network his activity has been limited. He has been a television writer, director, and producer in recent years. His last directorial effort for a motion picture was an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist (2007).

I can’t say with the utmost certainty that Darabont would be eager to jump back into filmmaking, but he is on this list because he knows who Godzilla is, and what the iconic character represents. He is known to have dabbled in the realms of horror and science fiction and has a solid track record of being involved in excellent movies. Darabont would be a solid option for Legendary Pictures, should they choose to go after him.

4. Other possible contenders…

This is a short list, I admit. But I tailored it to specifically include directors that I believe would adhere to the tone that Godzilla has already established. It could be that Legendary is waiting for an up-and-coming director to take the reins, just like Gareth Edwards when he raised some eyebrows with Monsters (2010). I think one of the more likely scenarios that may happen is that a director already associated with Legendary Pictures will be chosen to direct Godzilla 2.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is currently directing Kong: Skull Island, which will be released on March 10, 2017. It is currently in post-production, and Legendary intends for Kong to be included in the same universe that their version of Godzilla resides in. He would naturally fit that mold, should he be selected to direct the sequel. Another option could be Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft, which will be in theaters next month. If it’s a success, perhaps Legendary will offer him a spot in the director’s chair?

Really, anything could happen. We’ll just have to wait and see what Legendary will do in the coming months. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

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