The Weekly Mop Up June 17th

art by JS Walker

art by JS Walker

Before we start the Mop Up we want to take just a moment to talk about the senseless attack that happened in Orlando last weekend. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit, or how you feel about people or the tools we use as humans one thing is for certain, we can do better. Our hearts go out to those victims and their families.


It’s time for The Weekly Mop Up your pop culture roundup. This week there were a ton of great things happening. As always if you want to know what’s going on in the world of Movies, TV, Comics, Sports, Gaming follow us at at the links below! We would love for you to be apart of the Mopcast Community!

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This week on the Network

The Occasional Gamer’s are obsessing over Overwatch

How It Stacks have some T U R T L E Power

Memory Card Radio wants to know whats handsomer Doom or Uncharted 4

So E3 Happened! And we have a Ton of Vidoegame trailers to share with you in case you missed them.

DC’s Injustice Gameplay Trailer

You can play Jason Vorhees in the new Friday the 13th Game

You can be a part of the bridge crew in the new Star Trek Game

South Park wants to make a Billion Dollars on a Superhero Franchise

A New Spiderman game is coming for the PS4

Hey you can play Naked Norman Reedus…sorta

There is a New Legend of Zelda Coming

A Bespin Expansion for Star Wars Battlefront with the voices of Billy Dee Williams as Lando and Simon Pegg as Dengar

EA giving us a little sneak at the Star Wars Videogame universe

In Other Pop Culture

Epic Rap Battles of History has James Bond vs Austin Powers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers do Carpool Karaoke on the Late Late Show

Disney gave us a pair of surprises A Trailer for the New Pete’s Dragon

And a Teaser for Moana