#HashTag A Game Show Sneak Peek

This year at Mobicon we tested out a game show Podcast we’ve been working on for a few months now and we want to share it with you. #Hashtag is a Pop Culture Game Quiz Show where we have Celebrity Champions battle for two audience members to win a mystery prize worth one dollar. They will match their wits in all matter of Pop Culture and Fandom winning points until one is declared ‘Emperor(ess) Of Pop Culture”.

Hosts Scotty White and Lee Whitaker along with Musical guest Gabe Willis of Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet challenged our Champions JD from ‘How It Stacks’ and actress Stephanie Ward through a series of questions. It was fun, hilarious and just a real blast. So check out this sneak peek and look for more info on live episodes to be played around the Mobile, Alabama area in July.