The Weekly Mop Up April 29 2016


It’s time for The Weekly Mop Up your pop culture roundup. This week there were a ton of great things happening. As always if you want to know what’s going on in the world of Movies, TV, Comics, Sports, Gaming follow us at at the links below! We would love for you to be apart of the Mopcast Community!

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Mopcast Network

Mopcast Network

Mobicon May 27-29 Mobile, Alabama

Mobicon May 27-29 Mobile, Alabama

Mopcast is happy to announce it will be at Mobicon this year! We will have a table where JS Walker will be sketching, plus we are hosting a few panels. Here is what we have planned!


Podcasting for Dummies 12:00pm- 12:45pm in Mobile Bay 1 with How it Stacks. Join the How It Stacks guys JD, Willis and Bulldog with Special guest Scotty White as they discuss how to get started in podcasting. If you are interested in podcasting this is the panel for you!

Bros Booze movies 4:30- 5:15 Mobile Bay 1 Join Scotty and a panel of special guests for this ilve podcast as they discuss the movie Troll and tell you what kind of cocktails go with it. There will be prizes awarded!

Convergence Screening with Director (and mopcast Host) Drew hall 7:30 Mobile Bay 1 Here is your chance to see the film and speak with the filmmaker himself. Film in Mobile! Check out the trailer!


The Mopcast Live 11:45-12:30 Mobile Bay 2 Imagine if @Midnight, Ask Me Another, and Harmontown had a love child it would be this show! Join us for part podcast, part game show as three “celebrity” champions answer pop culture trivia questions in hopes to win one lucky Audience member a prize box worth at least $1.00! This is a live podcast! Come join be part of the audience!

Star Wars Rebels- 10:00- 10:45 Mobile Bay 2 Join Scotty White and Drew Hall of Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Mopcast as they talk about the last two seasons of Star Wars Rebels and what they see for Season 3. This is a live podcast please join be part of the audience and you could win prizes!

Aether 11:00-11:45 Mobile Bay 1 Join Drew Hall and Horst Saurbin (Of the Between the Line Podcast) as they chat about their project Aether! Check out their trailer below!

How It Stacks 3:15-4:00pm Mobile Bay 1. Join the How it’s Stacks crew as they take on a mystery stack! Who knows who or what they will be stacking but trust me you don’t want to miss this. This is a live Podcast so come and join in the fun!


I love the Pulse Rifle so much

I love the Pulse Rifle so much

We Celebrated Alien Day in a big way. First How it Stacks took on the first and second films of the franchise. Check it out to see if it stacks

Our Founder returned to blogging this week with a refelction on Aliens and Aliens Colonial Marines. Check out his BLOG

Or listen to it


Memory Card Radio is back with the full compliment check out Max’s return!

In Pop Culture

Fox released a new trailer for X-men Apocalypse releasing May 27th

The BBC released a new trailer that introduces the new Doctor Who Companion


Warner Brothers released the trailer for ‘Batman The Killing Joke’ the adaptation of the Alan Moore classic starring Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy

The struggle is real.

The struggle is real.

The Ring vs The Grudge, no one asked for it, but you know what we all are happy it is here.

Oliver Stone directs an all-star cast including ‘Joseph Gordon Levitt, Nicholas Cage, Melissa Leo in the true story of Edward Snowden

Star Wars Lego is starting to put together the pieces of story before The Force Awakens

The Story of how Batman made Mcdonald’s or at least a movie with Michael Keaton in it.

The Story of Walter White going undercover to grab Pablo Escobar or ya know a cool movie with Bryan Cranston .