The Weekly Mop Up April 1st 2016


Happy April Fools Day! It’s time for The Weekly Mop Up your pop culture roundup. This week there were a ton of great things happening. As always if you want to know what’s going on in the world of Movies, TV, Comics, Sports, Gaming follow us at at the links below! We would love for you to be apart of the Mopcast Community!

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Inverse Press
Our friends at Inverse Press have a new Kickstarter for their upcomming comic The Absentee #3 written by Kevin LaPorte and art by Rando Dixson. As you know we at the Mopcast Network are huge supporters and friends of Inverse Press! Their work is amazing and we want you to join us in supporting Indie Comics!


You can supporter the Kickstarter HERE

Mopcast Network

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is Out and our Founder Scotty saw it and wrote and recorded a blog for it Check it out!

Blog So I liked Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, What’s wrong with me?

Or Listen to the Audio

The Occasional Gamer’s talk The Division, Fallout 4, Playstation 4K, Playstation VR, and Piracy.

Star Wars

For those who haven’t seen Rebels are are interested in it. Here is the Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader Fight from the Season 2 finale

Ahsoka as she realizes who Vader is.

Ahsoka as she realizes who Vader is.

Dave Filoni has some great things to say about Ahsoka and the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale in an interview with IGN You can read HERE


Ahsoka Tano is getting a novel that is set between Episode III and the start of Star Wars Rebels. You can read about it HERE

In Pop Culture

Catwoman art by Joe Quinones

Catwoman art by Joe Quinones

What is there were comics set in the Tim Burton Batman Universe? Joe Quinones thought about just that and drew some concept art of what could of been. You can see it on his tumblr

The Bandit is back. Well at least the car! Plus you have Burt Reynolds doing the narration. Makes us want to listen to ‘East Bound And Down’

Netflix Releases a Voltron Teaser

What if Batman and Jessica Jones got together. It seems Batman really has a thing for cats.

HBO released a new Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer!

Here is the classic film ‘The Monster Squad’ with a trailer inspired by the upcoming Suicide Squad

Bros Booze and Movies covered ‘The Monster Squad’ for their Halloween Show take a listen here

Sesame Street covers Warren G and Nate Dogg’s ‘Regulate’

There is a David Bowie tribute concert in New York and Michael Stipe stopped by Jimmy Fallon covering ‘The Man who Sold The World’