The Weekly Mop Up March 19-25


It’s time for The Weekly Mop Up your pop culture roundup. This week there were a ton of great things happening. As always if you want to know what’s going on in the world of Movies, TV, Comics, Sports, Gaming follow us at at the links below! We would love for you to be apart of the Mopcast Community!

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Inverse Press
Our friends at Inverse Press have a new Kickstarter for their upcomming comic The Absentee #3 written by Kevin LaPorte and art by Rando Dixson. As you know we at the Mopcast Network are huge supporters and friends of Inverse Press! Their work is amazing and we want you to join us in supporting Indie Comics!


You can supporter the Kickstarter HERE

Here is video we made for them for Issue #1, gives you and idea what this great comic is about!


The Mopcast Network want to wish friend and contributor Jeff Petty other wise known as El Jefe Loco from the Grillout, Triple Named Sportsshow and Bros Booze and Movies a very happy Birthday!

The Important Report Episode 004

How It Stacks Takes on Thundercats

Mopcasters Aaron Porter, Erin Thompson, Lee Whitaker, and Scotty White along with newcomer Brett Chrisone have started an RPG Podcast based on the RWBY webshow from Rooster Teeth. Here is the video intro for the show. Episodes are coming soon right here on the Mopcast Network!

With Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice now in Theatres Fans have been speculating who else could battle. Here is Ash vs Lobo

DC loves verus matches here is a scene from their upcomming Justice League vs Teen Titans

Dawn of Justice is not the only movie with Batman coming out. Here is our first look at the Batman Lego Movie!

Some fans got together to celebrate their love of Batman and the Hamilton Musical for this great Mash up


Daredevil debuted last week and it was a doozy. We also got something special. A little teaser for Netflix’s Luke Cage series out September 30th

The New Captain America: Civil War International trailer hit with new scenes!

Star Wars
Dorkly takes a look at how Kylo Ren joined the dark side.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker duel in Fallout 4. Yeah you read that right.

Star Wars Rebels is gearing up for its second season finale in a big way.

Other Pop Culture News
The Four Horsemen are back (and no not the Apocalypse kind) and this time they have Daniel Radcliffe in the trailer for Now You See Me 2

Babymetal is back with a new album coming soon and this new Video for ‘Karate’

World of Warcraft has a new tv spot that has a dwarf in it. Hope we get exploding Goblins!

Syfy has teamed up with Boy Band Members to fight Zombies in the West? Yeah this is a movie.

There is a movie looking at the men who were on the Deepwater Horizon rig that lead to one of the largest ecological disasters on the planet.