The Weekly Mop Up 2/5/2016


The Weekly Mop Up 2/5/2016

Welcome to the weekly Mop up, the Mopcast Network’s look at this week’s Pop Culture. In case you might of missed something, we here at the Mopcast Network try to catch it in their butterfly nets and present it to you. You can also find this and more on our
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Our friends at Frame 29 Films have a new movie that releaesd on Feb 5th. Check it out and then go pick it up on Itunes!


Inverse Press

Last Ride For Horsman #2

Last Ride For Horsman #2

Our friends at Inverse Press have started another kickstarter for the next issue of ‘Last Ride for Horseman’ This is a great comoc written by Kevin LaPorte with art by Nathan Smith. It’s Steampunk meets the Apocalypse so a complete win win!

Support The Kickstarter

Mopcast Network

This week is Mopcast Contributor Aaron Porter’s Birthday! You can check him out on his brand spanking new Mopcast the Important Report
The important Report Episode 001

This week we also aired a first for the Mopcast Network, a summit of Three of our shows. How It Stacks, Between the Line and The Weekly Mopcast. Six podcast hosts taking on 1 topic the Films of 2015. Check it out.

We even have a Special Logo For This!

We even have a Special Logo For This!

How It Stacks Between the Mopcast Episode 001

How it Stacks this week tackles the Rambo Films. See how they stack!
How It Stacks E53: The Rambo Films

Of course we had another Metal Gear Monday from Memory Card Radio

New Metal Gear Monday

New Metal Gear Monday

Metal Gear Monday E 006

Also Scotty went to CharCon

Bad Lip Reading

This week released not but but two bad lip readings of the NFL just in time for the Super Bowl!

Part I

Part II

Galaxy Quest

io9 had an interesting theory about the 1999 sci fi comedy Galaxy Quest check it out!


The Batamn v Superman Trailer if done in the 1960s

Star Wars

A New Hope trailer cut as a Grindhouse film

More Star Wars Rebels Action as Zeb fines out that he’s not the last of his people. Watch it here.

A clip from this week’s episode

The Force has many names