The Grillout Episode 009


The Grillout E009

The guys are back for season 2. And they have a special guest in the studio. Wonder who it is? El Jefe breaks down the McGregor and RDA Fight at UFC 196 and also breaks down the Daytona 500 and the new rules package for this year in cup racing.

Redneck Recipe of the Week
1. Deer Meat, preferably backstraps or tenderloins. (any type of meat will work)
 If not tenderloins or backstraps. Make sure meat is cut is small 1” x 3” chunks that are ½ to ¾ thick.
2. Beer (optional, any type of beer and/or alcohol).
3. Meat tenderizer
4. Seasoning salt
5. Black pepper
6. Salt
7. Shredded cheese (optional, preferably mozzarella cheese. But your choice.)
8. A1 steak sauce (optional).
9. Chopped onions.
10. 2-5 can rolls of crescent rolls. (Depending on how many you are wanting to make and how much meat you have.)
How to make:
1. The night before take the seasoning salt, meat tenderizer, black pepper, salt, chopped onions, beer (if you have it) and put it all into a bowl, has to have a lid on it (Rubbermaid, Tupperware, etc.). Close the lid and shake all of your ingredients up for a good 3-5 minutes. Set into refrigerator overnight for the meat to marinate.
2. The next day, take your meat out of the bowl and put it into a skillet of your choice, using a nonstick spray of your choice. Brown your meat.
3. After your meat is done set into a bowl of A1 sauce, or sauce of your choice, (again this is optional)
4. Next after that lay out your crescent rolls. (If you are using cheese, spread your cheese into the crescent roll. Before rolling. And on the roll again after rolling, if you want that much cheese.)
5. Pre heat oven to the directions of how long and what heat to use for crescent rolls. (Meat is mainly cooked. You are just baking the rest of it.)
6. Next roll your deer meat into the crescent rolls (like a pigs in a blanket concept).
7. After you have rolled all of your deer meat into the rolls place into over and enjoy.
Side note: if you use cheese if while bake into the crust, so will the sauce if you are using either one of these ingredients.

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