How It Stacks Special: Pensacon 2016 (Mallrats Edition)


How It Stacks: Pensacon 2016

Pensacon: 2016 (Mallrats Edition)

As is tradition the HIS team covers Pensacon. Mallrats. This year they’ve added to their ranks to help get more coverage than ever. Mallrats. This is a mega-episode as the HIS team welcomes Scotty White and Vicki (JD’s wife) back to the show to share their thoughts on P’con. Let’s first start by saying this is full of what you’d come to expect from the team. Mallrats. Jokes, call outs, griefs, and you gotta have a few arguments, right?! Mallrats. With this the newest of episodes you get to hear how everyone nerded out and what they loved and or didn’t love also… MALLRATS!

This episode contains conversations on the following fandoms: Kevin Smith, Mallrats, Game of Thrones, Lost Girl, Mallrats, Doctor Who, Back to The Future, Neal Adams, Agents of Shield, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Michael Rooker, The Walking Dead, Dana Snyder, Adult Swim, Convergence, Independent Films, Wrestling, Darkwing Duck, Harry Potter, Clerks, Mallrats, Road Warrior, Farscape, Count Gore de Vol, Sam Witwer, Science Fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, Cosplay, Fencing, DragonCon, Comic Conventions, Molly Ringwald, Mallrats, and probably more… it’s over two hours long!

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