The Weekly Mopup 1/22/2016

It’s time for your Weekly Mop up a look at this week’s events in Pop Culture. You can also find this and more on our
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The Venture Brothers

Adult Swim released a new trailer for the upcoming Season 6 of the Venture Bros that’s out January 31st Midnight est


From Key and Peele comes their first feature film ‘Keanu’ I would explain it but the trailer pretty epic


We got a new Suicide Squad Trailer that shows us some interesting aspects of the film. Plus some more on Jared Leto’s Joker

Plus here is a sneak peek at the upcoming Wonder Woman Film

Star Wars

We now have an acoustic version of the Ewok Celebration Song

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Part 2 hit this week with a special guest appearance by Princess Leia. Here is a look at the Behind the Scenes of the Episode

Here is a look at the Trailer for this second part of the season

Also check out this sneak peak for next week’s episode with all this Mandalorian Goodness