The Weekly Mop Up 1/29/2016


Welcome to the weekly Mop up, the Mopcast Network’s look at this week’s Pop Culture. In case you might of missed something, we here at the Mopcast Network try to catch it in their butterfly nets and present it to you. You can also find this and more on our
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Inverse Press

Last Ride For Horsman #2

Last Ride For Horsman #2

Our friends at Inverse Press have started another kickstarter for the next issue of ‘Last Ride for Horseman’ This is a great comoc written by Kevin LaPorte with art by Nathan Smith. It’s Steampunk meets the Apocalypse so a complete win win!

Support The Kickstarter

Mopcast Network

This week has been busy for the Network. But first we like to wish a couple of people happy birthday

Ethan and Alyssa Young Our husband and white contributors both have celebrate birthdays recently. You can hear them on the Rebellion A Star Wars Rebels Mopcast Episode 006: Out of Darkness

Also it’s Mopcast Lead designer John Walker’s Birthday! He has designed lots of pieces for Mopcast including the new Stupid Mop Studios Logo and the New Weekly Mopcast Show logo. Look for a new webcomic from Scotty White and John Walker out later this year!

Jaylen Moore hangs out on Between The Line

Jaylen Moore hangs out on Between The Line



Between The Line Episode 002: Jaylen Moore Actor Producer Jaylen Moore (Homeland) chats about his life in the industry.
How It Stacks Classic Snacks This week the guys takes a look at our favorite snacks from Childhood: Fruit Roll ups, Gushers, and Lucnhables.

A New Metal Gear Monday

A New Metal Gear Monday

Metal Gear Monday The Memory Card Radio guys continues their quest to battle through all the Metal Gear Games!

The USS Enterprise from Star Trek III

The USS Enterprise from Star Trek III

Blog Post: The Star Trek Films Aren’t Very Star Trek At All Our Founder takes a quick look at the Six Star Trek Films to see if they hold up to the original television show.

For Science!
It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules. To show the difference in resistance, physicist Andreas Wahl puts himself in front of a weapon submerged in water and fires it – on himself

Neil Degrasse Tyson and the Rapper B.O.B are having a beef over B.O.B.’s belief that the Earth is flat. Tyson went to Comedy Central’s ‘The Nightly Show’ to set the record straight.

Fuller House
Netflix posted a behind the scenes of thei new version of the TGIF classic serie Full House . You got it Dude!

The new animated film from DC is Justice Leage vs Teen Titans. See our favorite Teen Titans (with Damion in the Robin slot) take on possessed members of the Justice League!

The Martian Manhunter was on Supergirl this week

Also some Bizzaro action


Deadpool has an important message for the men out there.

Star Wars
Screen Rant has a look at ten scenes that we were missing from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

On Star Wars Rebels this week the Ghost Crew visit a Mandolorian world to try to find safe passage. Of course things don’t go according to plan. Here is a clip from the episode

Hera gets herself into a Dog Fight with one of the Mandalorian Protectors

And this weeks behind the scenes look at the show