The Weekly Mop Up Dec 5-Dec 11 2015


So last week was kind of crazy and the website’s been kind of a mess, and so I apologize for that. We had no Mop up and the website finally got updated today (12/11/2015 for those who are counting) So here is the Mop up with some of last week surprises as well.

Mopcast Network Update

New Episode of the Weekly Mopcast, The Grillout, and House It Stacks are coming soon. Plus a New Bros Booze Movies that explores the Star Wars Holiday Special. Also a new Mop Holiday Adventure is coming soon. Mopcast Network is also on the count down to Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens keep checking the website for awesome content just for you.

Movie Stuff
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Yep we get to see Ben Affleck as Batman and personally I think he pulls it off. Plus we get some weird Doomsday thing that sorta likes a Ninja turtle but honestly I don’t mind so much. Wonder Woman looks sweet enjoy below

our friend John Hale at the Pow!cast had their own thoughts..

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer fresh from China will all sorts of new footage

X-Men Apocalypse brings us many new mutants, and deages some of our favorites

Steven Spielberg has a new film for Disney. ‘BFG’

The Legend of Tarzan with Christof Waltz, Samuel Jackson, and Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan

He Never Died with Henry Rollins playing Cain. Yeah epic. Warning Red Band Trailer

Music Stuff

So Scotty went to Mountain Stage last Sunday and like everyone else in the audience fell in love with the band Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys It’s very awesome newgrass. The band is from Michigan and extremely talented.

Here is Old Song

Their Website
Lindsay Lou Music

Free the Honey
Another blue grassy band is Free the Honey from Colorado. Great harmony, beautiful singing and awesome fiddle playing.

Their Website
Free The Honey