10 Star Wars Songs


The days are slowly turning to hours as we wait ever so patiently for Star Wars The Force Awakens. Here is a list of Star Wars fan songs, parody songs, to keep your toes tapping while you are waiting in line or watching the clock. In no particular order here are some of my favorites.

The Ballad of Nien Nunb by the Vance Bros

Most people not sure who Nien Numb is, sometimes when you ask you get “Who?” or a casual Star Wars fan will reply with ‘Lando’s co-pilot?” This Sullustan was a mail away offer for the vintage Kenner toy line. He was voiced by Kenyan Kipsang Rotich who used his native Hayan and Kikuyu to create Nien Nunb’s distinctive sound. Starwars.com had him as #6 on a list of great sidekicks and the Vance Bros pay tribute to him here.

Let It Flow written by the Clarkson Twins

The Mega hit ‘Frozen’ has it share of ‘Let It Go’ parodies, seriously just look it up on YouTube you’ll find a ton of them. One of the better one was this awesome look at Anakin’s temptation and fall to the darkside. There tons of guest voices on this plus surprises at the end.

I could see Ackbar as an Elvis fan

I could see Ackbar as an Elvis fan

The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is a huge Star Wars fan dropping Star Wars references in his songs. He even did a parody of the Kink’s “Lola” focusing on our favorite little green Jedi Master Yoda. For ‘The Saga Begins’ Al gets help from Don Mclean’s ‘American Pie’ and sings a summary of The Phantom Menace. While to some the film wasn’t great, you can content that this is a worthy song.

Star Wars Counting Song by C3P0, R2d2, Big Bird

This little gem brings back memories. Big Bird can’t figure out his numbers and so he gets help from Threepio and Artoo. This is a cute song that shows that Star Wars is even for the littlest of fans.

Girl In The World (Star Wars: The Force Awakens Song by Marc Martel

Just in times for the Force Awakens, Marc Martel has a great little pop song wishing to find that girl to watch The Force Awakens with him. I bet if you got your tickets you’ll find someone to see it with you Marc. This is a catchy song filled with great Star Wars references, plus a Yoda impression at the end. Something for you and hopefully your honey can listen to while in line.

Wrecking Maul by Randy Turnbow

The best character in Star Wars The Phantom Menace had like two lines and got chopped in half. I am still bitter about it. Wrecking Maul channels that frustration through Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’. It’s a great parody that might get stuck in your head if you watch TPM again or those sweet Maul episodes of ‘The Clone Wars’

The Star Wars I Used To know by TeddieFilms

By channeling Gote ‘Somebody I Use to know’ Teddie Films express their frustration with George Lucas changes with the Star Wars Universe. Tyson Apostol plays a great Anakin/Darth Vader expressing fan frustration to Mike Loveland’s George Lucas who sings ‘There never get a bluray of the Star Wars they use to know’ Maybe the JJ Film answers some of these issues.

Luke getting his shred on.

Luke getting his shred on.

Cello Wars Lightsaber Duel – ThePianoGuys

The Piano Guys perform an excellent cover of various music from the Star Wars film, plus the video has some night lightsaber effects to make this Duel legit. It’s Light vs Dark in the quest for first chair!

Tie After Tie by Deb and Errol

So you love Star Wars and Cyndi Lauper but you have no idea how to combine those loves? Well Deb and Errol solved that problem with this parody of Lauper’s classic ‘Time After Time. Song from the perspective of rebel pilots having to be alert because the ‘TIEs will be waiting’ Groovy song with a groovy video.

Goodnight, but not Goodbye by Bea Arthur

Yes, yes I know I put the dreadful, not spoken Star Wars Holiday special in the list. If Boba Fett’s First appearance is what most people remember from this terrible show, my second would be this great song by Golden Girl Bea Arthur. Arthur shows off her Broadway chops as the owner of a cantina on Tatooine, filled with Star Wars aliens it’s a fun song. Arthur did the show because he youngest was a big Star Wars fan, and well you have to keep the kids happy.

There are a ton more out there I didn’t get to cover. Do you have a favorite let us know tweet the Mopcast Network @MopcastNetwork . Have a Happy and Safe Star Wars season and remember don’t spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it. Let’s give them a few days, there will be plenty of time to talk and debate about this film on the internet.