The Weekly Mop Up Nov 22-28 2015

The Weekly Mop Up Nov 22-28 2015

Welcome to your Weekly Mop Up, your Pop Culture Round up!

The Grillout and Triple Named Sports SHow’s very own El Jefe Loco is a big fan of Metallica so of course we had to include this cover of ‘One’ played by Medieval instruments. Here is the band Stary Olsa

Stary Olsa’s Soundcloud

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Our Friend Ikram Benaicha has started a series on Syrian’s in West Virginia Check it out!

Credit Lui Yang

Credit Lui Yang

Telling West Virginia’s Syrian Story: Part One, Nairouz

Mopcast at Tsubasacon

Scotty Proves he knows nothing about Sailor Moon, but Summer Victoria saves him.

Star Wars News
We are getting closer and closer to the Force Awakens so there are tons of stuff coming out.

Harrison Ford and Chewbacca make up

Seven Year old vs the Cast of The Force Awakens in Star Wars trivia

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Wars Mashup

Star Wars TFA Auditions

Star Wars TFA Sweded Trailer

We updated out Star Wars TFA reaction video fro the Sweded Version of the trailer