The Weekly Mop Up: Nov 1, 2015


Welcome to the Weekly Mop Up your end of the week Pop Culture Clean up for the week of November 1 2015.

Well the trailer for the movie Warcraft has hit! It seems like a story of two words trying to come together and has a little homage to the story of Moses. Well if Moses was like an itty bitty baby Orc. Lots of CGI mixed with live action and tons of war footage. You can see the trailer below.

The Weekly Mopcast Episode 42
Scotty and Aaron talk about their Halloween Adventures, the talk about the 1985 Version of the Twilight Zone, which leads them onto a tangent of Quantum Leap. It’s a crazy show and grab a towel for a little blast from the past from Marvin the Lonely Robot from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
The Weekly Mopcast Episode 42

Elmo vs Jet Engine
Honestly I never thought I’d see Elmo fight a Jet Engine, and while this isn’t really a fight it’s the probably the closest thing we will get plus on top of it, it’s horrifying.

Twilight Zone 1985
It’s been 30 years but Scotty remembers the 1985 version of the Twilight Zone in a blog post that has some surprises in it. At least check it out for the creepy theme song written by Jerry Garcia and performed by the Grateful Dead.
The Twilight Zone (1985)

Spectre Opens this weekend! James Bond doing his spy stuff using that license to kill, and being awesome with the ladies in this latest edition to the Bond franchise. This time Christoph Waltz is trying to preventing Bond from having a good time, plus you have Dave Batista who plays a Jaws like muscle guy. On top of all of this Sam Smith does the theme song and he’s voice should be a scented candle so it’s all good.

Spectre Trailer

How it Stacks 49 Super Mario Brothers
The How It Stacks Guys finish up their look at the Super Mario Brothers Trilogy with Super Mario 3. So gather your leaves and Tanooki suits and join right in.
How It Stacks 49

Mopcast At Shockacon
Mopcast and Spotlight Wv Magazine teamed up to go to ShockaCon and Scotty chatted with Cosplayers. Check out the video below!

Alice In Wonderland Through the Looking Glass
The First trailer hit of the new Alice in Wonderland film with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter

New Star Wars Posters

This week we got new character posters for some major players in the new Star Wars film. Posters of new characters Finn, Rey and Kylo Ren each holding their weapon of choice. As a bonus we got posters of Han and Leia as well.

Finn Han Kylo

Leia REy

Of course the Fans started making their own!

CTBppO6UEAAZqEW - Copy CTADmH8UAAE19u4 - Copy chewie


Star Wars International Trailer

OMG! OMG! If it wasn’t enough two weeks ago we got an awesome trailer for The Force Awakens, Friday morning the International trailer hit with all kinds of new footage that is full of Rey and BB8 goodness. Check out the trailer below.

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