How It Stacks Mopcast Episode 49: Super Mario Bros 3

How It Stacks Episode 049

It’s a me, Mar– *smack*

We get it, it’s Mario. Yes, the final part of the Mario trilogy is here. Well, until we stack some later games. Mario 3 gets what it deserve as the Terrible Trio tackle one of the foundation pieces of the Mario franchise. This might be one of the few topics where guys actually remember the topic the same way when they were kids. On the second half of the show the guys dive deeper into the Mario conspiracy theory and honestly, it makes sense. JD gets prideful of Bulldog as he finally steps up. Professor bring the knowledge hard on this one as he brings up the mythical “anchors” of Mario 3. Also, Hammer brothers suit??!! A HIS episode wouldn’t be complete without some type of controversy and this one starts it off right, as the guys sing the wrong theme and are oblivious to the fact all the while Bulldog tries to stop it… (you’ll hear it)

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