Kimbo’s Slice of Life: An Action Figure Review


Ultimate Fighting Championship
Kimbo Slice
8” Scale
by: Jakks Pacific
$2.87 at Walgreen’s (of all places)

Photos & Review by: Jonathan Brown

I haven’t followed professional sports of any kind since I was around 13 years old and used collect baseball cards with my dad. As soon as the first series of Marvel Comics trading cards came out, I dropped the sports cards and have been much more interested in comic books and horror movies than our national pastime. I’m particularly interested in professional fighting like boxing and UFC. Although, to be fair, that’s got more to do with my expectations being set stupidly high by movies like Kickboxer and Rocky than with the sports themselves.

But, even though I’m not that into the source material, I still couldn’t resist buying a Kimbo Slice action figure when he turned up in the clearance section at Walgreen’s. First of all, the guy’s name sounds like a Pokémon (please don’t hit me Kimbo). But mostly, he just looked like a fun action figure based off of a bad ass dude. It also didn’t hurt that he cost less than a soft-baked pretzel.

So, I brought Kimbo home and he’s been keeping me company for the last week during a re-watch of The X-FIles. I wasn’t planning on writing about him since the wrestling-style figures are not really my thing, but I’ve had so much fun goofing off with Mr. Slice that it just seems wrong not to give you guys my opinions on him. Who knows, maybe I’ll make you wanna catch all 151 UFC monsters before you battle the Elite Four!

Kimbo! Kimbo Slice! Kimmmmmbo!

What Does He Come In?
Kimbo Slice came home with me in a pretty sizable geometric shaped box. I already threw it away because, like I said, I wasn’t planning on talking about this guy, so I’m stuck using images from Jakks’ stuff online. The box was certainly eye-catching; it was buried under a mountain of Beanie Babies and I still saw it on the bottom shelf. But, it just feels way too big to me. Even with the figure being as big as he is (he stands just about shoulder to shoulder with the giant Thundercats Classics Lion-O), there is still a ton of wasted space, never mind the fact that these are intended to hang from a peg on the shelves!


Photo from Jakks Pacific

How Does He Look?
I’m not super familiar with Mr. Slice’s looks. I’ve heard of him somehow, but I don’t know why, so I’m going to judge this figure on how good it looks instead of it’s resemblance to the angry, fighting man it’s named after. What we’ve got is a mean-looking African American gentleman in a pair of white shorts and some punching gloves. I’ve seen a few pictures of a Kimbo figure with a hat on, but this one’s sporting a bald + ponytail noggin’ as well as bare feet. His hair is sculpted nicely with a little knot of hair in the back and great texture that extends into his beard. I think his face looks a little like a mean version of the Butler from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I’ve looked at several UFC figures in the store that have had really odd proportions on them but Kimbotron is mostly ok in that area. I think his feet should be a little bigger, though; they really do look kind of like a pygmy’s to me and larger stompers would make it quite a bit easier to get him to stand in odd positions.

His shorts are strange looking if you really stop and think about it. They’re broken into the lower poofy part and then a swivel/hinge joint connecting it to the crotch. That ball in the middle just looks really bizarre in most poses. I can forgive it though, since it’s weirdness allows Senior Slice to move his legs in all different ways. Seriously, those are some bizarre looking pants.

Kimbo has several tattoos and a healthy dose of body hair painted on him. I’m assuming that these are all based on actual body art that he has, but if he’s anything like my sister, I’m betting Kimbo’s constantly adding to his canvas. It’s kinda strange that the right (his left) side has chest hair while the other side is bare. I’m going to assume there was some kind of mishap when he got his spider web tattoo that caused him to lose a large patch of chest fuzz because research makes me sleepy.

The only strange thing about Kimbo’s paint that I noticed is on the bottom of his shorts. One side is painted black around the lower band and “inside” of the shorts where they meet his lower leg, while the other is left white. I can’t tell for sure if this is a mistake or if that’s just the way the shorts are supposed to look, but I think the black one looks better. It’s hardly noticeable unless you’re looking up at Kimbo from below like some kind of perverted weirdo. So, obviously, I saw it right away.

IMG_6684How Does He Move?
Kimbo is pretty stinkin’ posable and even has some really interesting shoulder joints that I haven’t seen on any of the figures I usually collect. Here’s the rundown:

Ball Joint Head (slightly limited)
Swivel / Hinge Shoulders
Front to Back Swivel Shoulders (neat!)
Hinge Elbows
Swivel / Hinge Wrists
Ab Crunch
Swivel Waist
Swivel / Hinge Hips (slightly limited, almost like some Marvel Universe hips)
Swivels Where Shorts Meet Legs
Double Hinge Knees
Swivel / Hinge Ankles

All of these joints make Kimbo Slice able to get into most positions that I would associate with UFC fighters, as well as plenty of other positions unfit for a living human being. Most of his joints feel just on the acceptable side of loose. They aren’t loose enough to stop him from holding a pose, but they’ll make you work a little harder than you’d like to get him into position.

I really like the extra shoulder joints that allow you to actually position them forward or backward. There’s a lot of additional range there that I’ve never had access to before and you can get some interesting emotional looks that I love, especially on a big bruiser like Kimbo.

Kimbo is actually pretty hard to balance in anything but a flat footed, neutral stance. It’s a combination of the figure’s larger upper body, his slightly loose joints and those tiny baby feet that caused my Kimbo Slice to topple over so many times while I was taking pictures. I’m not sure how this could have been remedied while maintaining mostly realistic proportions, though.

IMG_6685What Did He Come With?
Nuthin! The more I look at pictures online, the more I’m convinced that I’ve been screwed out of a stretchy, cloth do-rag to go on Kimbo’s head, though. Boo!

Is It Worth Buying?
Obviously, my perspective is going to be a little skewed on this figure. I paid $3 for him because Walgreens was resetting their toy aisle and I happened to be there arguing with the pharmacy on the day it happened. I checked Amazon and they have the same Kimbo Slice figure for just over $10 (including shipping as long as you spend over $20). That feels like a really reasonable price for such a big, beefy and fun toy. I’d bet it feels even better if Kimbo Slice is more than just a funny name to you.

Compared to other toy lines that I’ve bought from, I think Kimbo stacks up favorably, even at the higher price. Masters of the Universe figures are going for nearly triple what it will cost you to get a UFC figure to your door (excuse me while I vomit) and a G.I. Joe that’s about half his size will run you $9 on a good day. Of course, the pricier figures are a bit more interesting and will include a lot of extras, but it’s still a bit of an eye opener.

Lots of kids are growing up more interested in UFC and wrestling than cartoons these days. While I think that’s completely insane, I’ve gotta admit that I definitely have enjoyed my Kimbo Slice purchase. Jakks Pacific has made a figure that feels very sturdy and definitely does a great job of representing a mean-looking, bearded man in white shorts.

Am I gonna go out and buy up a bunch of other UFC fighters to keep Kimbo Slice company? Definitely not. But, I’ll admit, I’ve been very impressed with the possibility and the sculpting of this figure and I’m really glad I pounced on him when I had the chance. I even feel like I’ve discovered a new style of joint in those forward and backward moving shoulders.

If you’re a fan of UFC and you’ve been thinking about picking up one of the figures, I’d definitely say you need to take the plunge. And if someone like me (who thinks that Brock Lesnar is the Gym Leader in Pewter City) can have this much fun with them, then I think we both know you’re going to have a blast!