How it Stacks Classic Episode 007: Goosebumps

How it Stacks Classic Episode 007


Listener beware: You’re in for a scare!

That’s right, we’re talking about Goosebumps! We picked several of these über popular books to see if, after all these years, they still stack. We even watched some of the TV show to get a fair dose of all that was, and is, Goosebumps. We also have a pretty awesome VS between Goosebumps and Harry Potter. Bulldog, Willis, and JD get a little personal and share what REALLY gives them goosebumps. Willis has a Voltron moment, JD can’t tell the difference between ‘Hey Dude’ and ‘Are you afraid of the dark? ‘ (true story) , and Bulldog struggles with the ultimate decision…

Does it stack?

Stayed tuned after the show to hear a song from the new Anamanaguchi album and to hear Bulldog rant about his feelings on Goosebumps.
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