Fandomonium Episode 001

Fandomonium Episode 1


Welcome to FANDOMONIUM! A podcast all about, you guessed it, fandoms!

Fandoms in this episode, listed by order of discussion:

The Last of Us (2014 Video Game) **Spoilers**
Journey (2012 Video Game)
Books, books and books
Horseback Riding (English, Saddleseat)

This is the first episode and there are some minor problems. Without a mixer, the mics used were not wanting to sync up properly at all, so if you hear any echoes, our apologies, but we did the best that we could.

Introduction music is an amazing remix by dj-Jo / Zenpaku called Unravel ft. Hatsune Miku – Dubstep dj-Jo Remix.
dj-Jo / Zenpaku can be found on Soundcloud. Also, find this song on YouTube.

And the song at the end is by a Mopcast Network supporter, Kazuha Oda’s band, Kazha. The song title is Frozen, and yes, we have permission to use it! Check out the band’s website here and like them on Facebook!

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