How It Stacks Episode 047: Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Bros-NES Start Screen

Super Mario Bros-NES Start Screen

Grab some shrooms and Fireflowers!

We’re talking Super Mario Bros, not a hippie festival (though that too could be fun). Arguably one of the biggest game topics the guys have stacked. This is one everybody* remembers or has at least heard of in passing. Its music has started entire genres. Its game-play has been copied for years. The terrific three go all-in on this one. They start off, like any other classic, sharing their memories of Mario. On the second half things start to get dicey as the Video game movie debate begins. The talk about the Mario Bros movie, Resident evil, and many others. The Professor and The Bulldog let JD in on a secret they’ve been keeping for 3 years!

This is an epic episode; seriously…
How It Stacks Episode 47

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