How It Stacks Classic Mopcast Episode 007: The X-Men Animated Series

The 90s X-men Cartoon

The 90s X-men Cartoon

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How It Stacks Classic E006

No egg sucking pieces of gutter trash on this one! Just adamantium claws, eye beams, bald guy in a floaty chair, chick who shoots fireworks, and the list goes on. If you haven’t guessed yet, bub, we’re stacking X-men (the animated series)! Things get a little crazy as Willis and Bulldog push JD to his nerd limit in this episode’s VS. JD admits he wouldn’t mind giving up his dashing good looks for an epic superpower and gets deep when the themes of X-men come up. Willis lays it all out there and helps in an epic trolling session and blow some minds with his vast/epic knowledge of the show. Bulldog gets goosebumps as he confesses his feeling for the show.

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