How It Stacks Mopcast 045: Transformers the Movie

How It Stacks E045

bah weep grana weep ninny bon! JD has cashed in his Trivia Wars prize and hand picked this topic out of the millions of other topics that The Professor and Bulldog would rather be doing. The HIS trio not only celebrated JD’s trivia wars win on this one, they celebrated a birthday, AND brought on a guest host. The jokes start early on this one as Bulldog and Willis share that they BOTH don’t have very many memories of this “epic” topic while JD can just about recite it from memory. This also marks the 1st episode the guys cover music which starts the big debate on “you’ve got the the touch”… Is it really a fight song? Take solace in the fact that in this movie there is no Michael Bay and for a movie targeted at kids… a lot of Autobots and Decepticons WERE harmed in the making. Will the Professor and Bulldog regret their decision to let the winner of trivia wars get to choose the topic or will they all rejoice in bask in the possible glory that might be Transformers: The Movie. Find out on an all new How It Stacks.

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