Rebellion A Star Wars Rebels Mopcast Episode 002: Droids in Distress

Rebellion Episode 002

SWR: Droids in Distress

Welcome to Episode 002 of Rebellion A Star Wars Rebels Mopcast.  This week we look at the second (notice a theme) episode of Star Wars Rebels ‘Droids in Distress’.   This week Ethan and Scotty are joined by Memory Card Radio’s own Eric and a few other guests pop through the studio because well they had keys to the place. I think we give out too many keys but I’m not the boss.   This week we dive into the Civil Rights of Droids, is Genocide really kid friendly and why Scotty really knows way too much about Star Wars, or why he doesn’t have a girlfriend, well not really but it’s a problem, we need to have an intervention.  It’s getting a little sad. Oh just listen to the show!  Also thanks to Mexico, France, Russia, Austria and other Star Wars Rebels fans from around the globe who listen to our show!

Episode Preview

Rebellion Episode 002


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