The Mopcast Network!

I haven’t been on the website for a little while because I’ve been busy building something very new and very exciting. Around this time last year I discovered ‘The Nerdist’ and Chris Hardwick and really enjoyed what I heard and was lead to all kinds of podcasts. I was hooked. I was hooked, bad. I found myself listening to podcasts more than I was watching television or movies. Then it dawned on me, why not do one myself. I am a creative guy; there might be someone else out there who likes to hear what I say. So I started planning.
It took a while, mostly with equipment issues to get things off the ground. I recruited some friends to help and instead of just doing one podcast we decided we would do a whole network of podcasts for your enjoyment. This is how The Mopcast Network was born. For the past few weeks we have been recording shows for your enjoyment and I am now proud to announce that we have launched the network.
You can get to it at that will send you to our podbean site. You also will be able to get the shows here at We will also have links to Soundcloud and to Youtube So what can you expect? Well currently here are our shows.
The Weekly Mopcast- Hosted by Scotty White and Aaron Lynch Kelly: What’s going on in the Mopcast Network and Stupid Mop Studios world, as well as Geeky Culture, Sci Fi, Comics, Horror you know the fun stuff in life. Also a few surprises!
Memory Card Radio- Hosted by Eric Rogers, John Cantees and Max Wallace: A Podcast about video games, and beards. Or whatever really comes out of our three hosts’ mouth. Also you never know who is going to pop in, sometimes they just kidnap people off the street and force them to host.
The Triple Named Sports Show- Hosted by Aaron Lynch Kelly and El Jefe Loco: A Sports Podcast that both talks about what’s going on nationally and at our home University.
The Black Book- Hosted by Forest and Kelly: A show that takes a look at News , Trends, Popculture, and the like with a fresh perspective. Forest and Kelly will give you the low down on what’s happening out there .
Bros, Booze and Movies: Hosted by Scotty White. You like really odd, obscure movies well so do I. I get some friends and I force them to watch movies, and talk about it. We then offer a thematic cocktail with it.
The Chronicles of Limbo: The Orphans- A multipart Audio Drama featuring our very own Mop in her first exciting adventure. The story is about children in a mystical orphanage who can’t trust the Sisters who keep watch over them.
So that’s our start! Come on and join us, have a good time! There should be something here for everyone.