Bros Booze Movies Episode 002: Robot Jox

Bros Booze Movies E002: Robot Jox

Join Scotty and the guys from The Triple Named Sports Show as they take a look at Robot Jox. The Classic 1989 movie about Giant Robots! It’s like the grandfather to Pacific Rim. Okay full disclosure we talked about 40% about Robot Jox and 60% about other things, but it’s entertaining never the less and of course we are visited by the Bar Wench and her lovely Cocktails. Warning: Explicit Content

The Trailer

Don’t forget to listen for the Bar Wrench’s cocktail recipes!

“The Robot Cocktail”
1/2 pt. of Jack Daniels
1/8 pt. of vodka
A couple drops of Grenadine

“A Bitter Pill”
1 oz. Jack Daniels
1oz. vodka
Top with Coke
Add a splash of lemon juice
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